Hi I am 20ish something dud from zurich.

Check out mah face:

I used to work for money.

Find out more here.

Wherever you go.

Watch the stairs.


I have unexpressed emotions of freedom. I love minimalism and true stuff.
I love my wife. And my brother. And my brothers. And my sisters.

I hate one day.
I love action.

I can't play the game. I can't feel good if I lie to myself.
I can be honest. I can be foolish. I can be unhealthy humorous.
I can design. I can code. I can film, edit and write.

I don't watch TV.

I don't watch soaps.
I don't watch porn.

I rarely do drugs.

I don't eat dead meat.
I don't eat happy meat.
I don't kill animals.

I don't steal milk from cows.

I try to understand your situation.
I try to give love where I can.

I hate unhealthy environments.
I hate hating.

I hate balance.
I love ignorance.
I lied.

I love the matrix.
On a chessboard.

I judge people by what they did.
By how they look. By what they can give me.

But I try to do less.

I've failed.
I've learned.

Still wanna fuck with mah?

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